Our History

International Transport Company

A leading transport group with a scientific, practical and specialized experiencesthat providetransport services with more than 100 trucks and trailers, and providing transport throughout middle east, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia’s lines, Kazakhstan and Georgia. We have got required certificates from the port directorate and sea directorate. We also a member of international and local reliable organizations and forums. Since we started our activities, we were working nonstop and hard to provide adequate services for honorable traders.


Transporting shipments between all European Countries and Middle East to Iran and vise versa


Transporting shipments from LCL – FCL ports and Middle East to ports of North and South of Iran


Transporting by reliable Airlines


Railway Transporting between Iran and all the neighbor countries

Our Aims

We Gives You Complete Control Of Logistics

Our main aim of the group of companies is to offer best services, satisfying customers and takin advantage of qualified staff and develop the transportation career in the region

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*Your details will be maintained confidentially.

*Your details will be maintained confidentially.